Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Long Run Feeling Fine!

I took yesterday off. I was to swim and bike, but getting back in the swing of school with onslaught of allergies did me in. I was wiped out yesterday. I slept in to let my body rest so I was not overtaining a week before my race. After a long day I never made to my bike, but I think it was a wise decision to take a day of rest.

This morning I was up at 4 eating two waffles, cup of coffee and some water before heading to Crow Creek. Katie met me at 4:30 and we tackled 17 miles. It was a little chilly this morning, but perfect weather for a long run.

We ran out to Forest Grove and moved on towards the golf course before turning around and heading back to the park at 6 in case others showed up. After a brief pit stop and seeing nobody around we headed back out towards the bike path and around to get our 17 miles.

I ran 17 today to follow the basic plan for a full Ironman. I have no intention of doing a full Ironman this year, but with the QC Marathon coming up in about 6 weeks I need to start training. I have kept my bike and swim right around the half Ironman training plan and just upping my running. I figured that way it is done correctly without overtraining. Not sure if that all makes sense, but it works in my mind.

I will be very honest - this run felt easy. Super easy actually. The time flew by. Running with Katie we just talked the entire 2.5 hours. We have not ran together in quite some time so we had a lot to talk about in terms of coaching, life, school, Advocare, etc. It really did not seem like we ran for 17 miles. I never feel that way, but today was a good day(....and mamma cooked a breakfast with no hog - Ice Cube reference).

Even better as I continue to read the Dr. Maffetone method of endurance training my HR stayed under my zone the entire time until the last mile. This was even more exciting. I finished up the run and honestly don't feel bad at all. I worked on taking nutrition by wearing my stupid hydration belt.  I know that going into next weekend nutrition is my weak spot and the one area I have been focusing on. I felt good about things today.

I wish I could have stuck around to watch the kids triathlon that was going to start at 8, but we have a full day of cleaning before my parents arrive. Tonight I will rock it out to Winger, Warrant, and Firehouse from the 4th row. Back to the bike tomorrow and then the taper begins.

A great start to my day. Many things to be thankful for and many things on my list to work on to make myself better as a person and an athlete.
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