Monday, May 13, 2013

Book Review: Rebecca by E.F. Ballard.......a former student on mine!

How amazing is this? Not only am I going to be able to talk about a very engrossing and fascinating read(this is w/o bias my friends), but I am also going to be doing my first book review that is from a former student of mine.

Book Description

April 16, 2013
The story of a girl made completely of confusion and the inarticulate.

My Thoughts

Before I read this book I was nervous. I was nervous for several reasons. First, I know the author. She was a former student of mine who I just think is amazing. She has been writing for years and now that she is in high school she has published her first book. Before publishing the book she asked me to read the book and give feedback. I felt honored to give some guidance. But my nerves kicked in because I was worried I might not like it or think it was good. How would I handle that situation? Would I tell her it was bad or lie and give false hope?

Thankfully, she is talented which makes me quite jealous because I have yet to start my book. Her story was addicting. Once I started I had to finish and because it was not a massive book of 1000's of pages I was able to absorb it all in one reading and go back and read it again.

This book tells the story of a girl trying to find herself through a chaotic swirl of life and choices. I read it needing to know how things would play out. I read the draft version and the final version based on the feedback she was given. She did an amazing job.

If you want a story that will hook you right away, make you appreciate your own life, and not let go until the end, then please read this book.

I also urge you to support a young author as she navigates the world of publishing. Here she is writing a great novel while not even being able to drive yet.

I could not believe the insight she had into family dynamics and thoughts. It was amazing to see a student understand the progression of life the way she did.

With and without bias you will enjoy this book. Give it a try and let her know what you thought. It will only make her a stronger writer which will lead to even better stories down the road.

E.F. Ballard, you always impress me. Stay true to yourself and keep on rocking it girl!

Rebecca - click the link to purchase from Amazon
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