Monday, June 3, 2013

Digitalizing Notepads to Evernote - White Notepad Part 1

Part of my summer PD is to declutter my life. I have some experiments already underway with sleep and alarm clocks.

The next step is to declutter all my notepads, notes, folders, and thousands of pieces of paper with my notes scribbled all over them.

I will be archiving them in Evernote(the good ones anyways) and sharing them here.

Get ready for the randomness. If you see something good let me know.

You can push your level of hustle up a notch for games, but you won't push your performance level up a notch unless you learn to hustle in practice.

excuses are misplaced energy, focus, and time

ETDMTYS (Et - D - Mitas)
"Expect to do more than you share"

It is right in your face. This moment. It is handed to you. --Yuanwu

What are you waiting for?

Here it is - right now. Start thinking about it and you miss it. Huang Po
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