Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Review: Skeleton Creek 3: Crossbones

Title: Skeleton Creek 3: Crossbones
Author: Patrick Carman

From his website:

The Crossbones

Ryan and Sarah Have solved one mystery . . . only to find themselves trapped by another. At first it seemed that the crossbones was a secret society limited to Skeleton Creek. But now new facts are being unearthed — with new dangers attached.

My Thoughts

For anyone who follows my blog and my book reviews you know that I love Patrick Carman. I have nothing but positive things to say about his previous works. Here are some previous reviews.

Skeleton Creek: Ghost in the Machine
Thirteen Days to Midnight

After finally getting hold of a copy of Skeleton Creek 4: The Raven I had to refresh my knowledge of this series. It has been some time since I read books 1 and 2. During that time I realized I never read book 3. I have no idea why I waited. Late last night while my newborn daughter was awake I began reading Crossbones. I had to pause and wait until early morning hours to finish, but needless to say this was another page turner that I finished in less than a day.

If you have read the series than you know that Ryan and Sarah attempt to solve all the mysteries that have unfolded since their first encounter with the Dredge. This books really expands the storyline involving Sarah traveling all over the states and documenting footage. Anytime you expand the world of a series it is always hard for me because I get used to a place/location. I had a hard time at first welcoming the idea of the clues being so spread out, but it works. It works well.

The storyline I enjoyed as it brings in historical presidents and people along with other haunted locations. I can see students investigating some of these places in further detail after reading.

I don't know why, but even though the videos were not as spooky as the first two books, I was still scared. These video clips always freak me out. I sit there expecting the worst and late last night I had to stop reading so I could sleep.

Yes, I recommend this book. If you have not read the first two books, then start there because you don't want to miss out on the storyline. As soon as I publish this review I am going to begin The Raven because I have to know what happens and what they find out.

Patrick Carman has once again delivered and not let his fans down in this next installment.
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